Gold Purchase for Refining:

Specializing in:

  1. Gold Dust
  2. Gold Dore

Royal Capital Group purchases direct from mines and refineries.  50 Years of Experience in the gold refining industry. Our Firm has clients whom we are continually buying for.  We have accounts at Gold refineries in areas like Los Angeles, Miami, Italy, and West Africa.

Currently, we are only purchasing Gold Dust and Dore.  We have now begun purchasing African Diamonds as well. Please contact us for Diamonds or other Metals.

Submitted Offers Should Include the Following:

1) Price
2) Purity
3) Sample Size (2-10kgs)
4) Karats
5) Available Quantity CIF Los Angeles, Miami, Italy, or West Africa gold refinery
6) Full contact details of Selling Entity - Phone, email, Skype
7) Date requested for meeting with Buyer at Refinery
8) Preferred method of payment:refinery credit, outside cash payment, or bank wire transfer.

Contact: 917-304-6089

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